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Platinum Credit Repair is a trusted name in the credit repair fraternity with a satisfied customer base of over 900 clients...

We are here to help you meet your financial goals by repairing your credit, removing inaccuracies and unfair negative items on your credit report. In case you are looking to repair your credit but aren’t sure which way to go, call us at 346-216-7131 for a free consultation.

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Credit Repair Specialist: Legitimate & Affordable Service

Credit repair is a process where a firm challenges a dispute for a questionable negative item in the credit report.

Platinum Credit Repair guarantees fairness, accuracy, and substantiation to prove a claim on a negative item. A negative item on your credit report can lower your score; it includes everything from late payments, charge-offs, and liens to bankruptcies and repossessions. Don’t let that happen to you! We’re here to offer complete assistance to fix that bad credit score.

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The top 5 contributors to bad credit reports include – payment history, credit age, credit usage, recent credit, and credit mix. The most important of these five is payment history.

Over 68 million people have a bad credit score! Don’t become a stat. Let us create a personalized game plan to improve your credit score.

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